YAY!!! Summer is finally here!! Pools and sun, here I come! But I am kinda sad. One, my boyfriend and friend are both gonna b homeschooled next year! :( Two, my fav social studies teacher EVER is retiring next year!! :(( But on the upside, I am going 2 an awesome place with a city and beach that is far away from where I live (see, I live in Antarctica, so I'm going to the North Pole!). I am really excited to see a beach again! We are going to this place for my grandma and grandpa's 50th wedding anny!! Everyone from my dad's side of the fam will be there! Even people I haven't even met yet!! :)) I'm so very exited! Then, for my church, I'm going to a weeklong drama day camp. Yay!! What plans do you Randomizurs have this summer? If you haven't gotten out of school yet, when do you get out? Are you going to miss certain parts if school? I will. I'll miss my language teacher teasing this kid in our class. I'll miss the fun projects that my history teacher let us do. But I am SO very excited for summer! Let me know in da comments! Thanks!

Hey Randomizurs!! I don't have enough exciting things happening in my life!! So I need YOU to tell me what YOU are doing!! Let me know what you're doing in the comments below, and if I like yours the best, each week I will pick one to share with the world!! Are you doing supah dupah fun/exciting/weird this weekend? Then POST!!! If you're going to sleep over at a friend's house then POST!!!! (I would really prefer something better than that, but beggars can't be choosy) :-) Post post post!!!!!!!! 
So, Randomizurs! How was the vacation? I got an iPod touch! Yay! I am going to the school dance on February 24th!!! Super excited!! Here is what I'm gonna wear: Black sparkly leggings with a black Miley Cyrus skirt, a British flag t-shirt, my hair in a bun, and jade green eyeshadow! So tell me what you think! And please, PRETTY please with a cherry on top don't spare my feelings. :))) Tell meh!