Well, penutgal, you get your wish!! Here is your Me Day present! Enjoy!!! (And other ppl using the site, if you want virtual Me Day gifts just post below and I'll see what I can do!!)
You know who you are, people who live close to me! And since there is currently no holiday, I am going to take part in Ellen's Dance Dare! In case you don't know what this is, Ellen Degeneros (you MUST know who she is) is having a contest where people go up behind people's backs and videotape themselves dancing without that person knowing!!! I am going to do this so, people who live close to me, I want YOU to partner up with me while doing this! You must NOT be scared of people looking at you funny, because, I assure you, if they catch you dancing they WILL! Second, you cannot have any dancing skills WHATSOEVER! (it's ok if you have skills but I prefer if you don't) Third, you must have fun! Don't care bout what people think!! Come on people! Yay, this is gonna be so much fun!