You know who you are, people who live close to me! And since there is currently no holiday, I am going to take part in Ellen's Dance Dare! In case you don't know what this is, Ellen Degeneros (you MUST know who she is) is having a contest where people go up behind people's backs and videotape themselves dancing without that person knowing!!! I am going to do this so, people who live close to me, I want YOU to partner up with me while doing this! You must NOT be scared of people looking at you funny, because, I assure you, if they catch you dancing they WILL! Second, you cannot have any dancing skills WHATSOEVER! (it's ok if you have skills but I prefer if you don't) Third, you must have fun! Don't care bout what people think!! Come on people! Yay, this is gonna be so much fun!


13/02/2012 1:24pm

HEYYYYY!! :( it is a holiday this month. wait their is 2!!!!!!!! 1.Valentines Day( give you love choclate <3) 2. ME DAY ( the 28th of febuary, give ME a box of candy(any kind) will exept earlyer. ME=Peunutgal123) so hope you celerbrate both (Mostly #2)

28/02/2012 8:44pm

TOMORROW IS LEAP DAY!!!! ( its not to late for my me day present)

13/05/2012 3:57pm

Yo emi i know where you live............................... do you know who i am ?????????????????????

Roasted Potato
13/05/2012 4:49pm



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