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So penutgal123 posted:Hey i'm back with a very important question.lately i have been kinda mad at a friend, i try to show the person i am mad at them but they can't see it. I am mad because every day after school i sit in this sertant place, well just to mess around i say"don't stand on my rock". well after that when i left that person stood on it and gave a bratty little smerk. When do you think that person will see that? {he/she has been replaced with that person} That person does use this website

Ok, so if you are really his/her friend then you will tell him/her how you feel. And if he/she is really your friend then he/she will understand and apologize! I am VERY sure he/she will realize what they did wrong and apologize! Hope this helps!!! Here at Randomizur we aren't very good w/ serious questions!!!! LOL! I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves....